Home Central Living Episode 05 | Café Inspired Unit | Aeden Tang

Inside a Café Theme - 4 Room HDR Apartment

Home Central Living Ep.05

Today, Home Central shares a interesting 4 Room HDB Café Inspired theme flat located in Choa Chu Kang whom is owned by Aeden Tang.  

His was working in the United States in the F&B catering business. He wanted to bring the look and feel back to Singapore. Aeden enjoys entertainments, therefore, he casually host potluck or parties for him and his friends to gather.  Tv shows about renovations influenced him to kick start this project. 

Hanging Glass Panel

The open-concept kitchen were moving and hanging glass panels aeden mentioned in the video specifically was sourced externally by an Interior-Design Company where it’s was almost to what he was looking for, he was overjoyed by how it turned out.

chalkboard with different types of funny coffee names.

Together with the glass panel, Aeden sourced his chalkboard from the same contractor. To make it more conversational he mentioned, his choice to name the different type of coffee such as ‘lard-teh’ from latte to make it more funny.  

Coffee Table From a Tractor.

Eco-Friendly cushions & Bottles.

A friend of Aeden also does customized cushions and bottles from recycled materials, these fixtures are also added into his collections at home. 

Watch the full Video here:

Home Central Living Episode 04 | Snazzy Interior | Ding Yao & Emeline

Home Central Living • 9 mins read • by Home Central

Inside a Snazzy home designed around a cocktail bar

Ding Yao & Emeline | Home Central Living Episode 04

Ding Yao & Emeline share their story about their stay in this apartment for 1 Year in Bishan, where the close proximity to the market with good foods such as the famous kway-chap and dog park were the deciding factor in purchasing this apartment.

Both Emeline’s friend and herself shared in their opinion that this flat does resemble a larger 5 room flat than the current 4 with the knocked down walls. Their first impression before purchasing this property they had in mind was to break down all partitions thus allowing the property to look and feel larger to cultivate a sense of openness and comfort for their dog.

Ding Yao’s interest towards cooking is larger than Emeline’s whitelist Emeline enjoys watching her favorite drama in the living room, hence they decided to knock down the partition of the closed kitchen where it then became an island both of them yearned for. Similarly, the island consisted of a cocktail bar where they host drinks with their friends and family.

Smart home solutions are installed in their property where smart lights, curtains and sound systems can be controlled without them reaching out for any remotes.

2 large French double doors are greeted by before entering the room with a walk-in wardrobe and vanity area. Moving the sink outside also allowed them to have more space to move around.

The couple enjoyed showering together, thus 2 shower heads were also stressed upon to their interior designer that it was a must have piece installed in their bathroom.

After entering the walk-in wardrobe, their private sanctuary which opens to their bedroom and study area is well hidden behind the curtains.

Special tiles were sourced to fit the Peranakan style in their kitchen where it fits the dark and blueish paint job that fit the entire apartment. Wooden tiles were installed on the walls of the common toilets to make the space look more interesting and dynamic which were totally different from what we see in many other apartments.

The last room which is the guest bedroom was designed by Emeline where it resembles the natural colors of Bali, where it serves multiple use of occasions when needed.

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